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In child custody matters, the primary concern of the courts in Alabama is what is in the best interests of your children. That is as it should be. But “best interests” can be a highly subjective matter.

At Key, Greer, Harrison, & Casey, in Pelham, Alabama, we represent mothers and fathers in all matters related to child custody and visitation (parenting time). We have more than 30 years of experience representing our clients’ interests. If you are on the brink of divorce or separation, and have questions or concerns about child custody, please contact our Birmingham family law office today.

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Protecting Your Interests in All Child Custody Issues

If child custody is your concern, turn to a family law lawyer you can trust. Turn to someone who is up to date on the law and will protect not only your child’s best interests but your best interests, too.

At Key, Greer, Harrison, & Casey, our child custody attorneys have decades of experience in family law and are well attuned to the local customs in Alabama’s courts. This is especially true in the field of domestic relations law, which has gone through great changes in recent years. For example, not so long ago it was almost inconceivable for a father to gain joint custody, much less sole custody, of his children. Today, all parents who have participated in the care of their children have an equal opportunity to gain custodial participation in the lives of their children.

We make sure our clients are treated fairly in the court and are given an equal opportunity to spend time with and parent their children. This is true in all child custody matters including:

Pelham Child Parental Relocation Lawyers

Divorced parents with custodial rights are required to do certain things before moving away, to be in compliance with state law.

Under the Alabama Parent-Child Relationship Protection Act, a custodial parent must give written notice to the non-custodial parent at least 45 days in advance before moving more than 60 miles away or moving out of state. If the parent who is not moving objects, he or she then has 30 days to request a court hearing.

Parental relocation or “move away” cases are some of the most contested child custody issues. Both parents may have legitimate reasons to argue for or contest the decision to move away. Determining the best interest of the child can be difficult.

Our firm can help assert your position regarding parental relocation. We strive to provide you with the guidance and representation you need to work out a solution and obtain a positive outcome for you and your children.

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To learn more about child custody and parental rights, and what our law firm can do to help you, please contact Key, Greer, Harrison, & Casey. We offer free initial consultations.

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