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Are you or someone you love under investigation or facing criminal charges in Alabama?

You need a lawyer who has the experience and knowledge required to aggressively protect your rights. No matter what the situation, your future and your freedom may be at risk. Even misdemeanors can tarnish a person’s record.

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Everyone in the United States has rights guaranteed by the Constitution. All too often, however, people are found guilty in the court of public opinion well before they have their day in court. If you are facing criminal charges, you need a strong advocate who will stand by your side to protect and defend your rights.

Experience makes a difference when it comes to criminal defense matters, and our law firm has the experience you need. We handle criminal matters at all levels — municipal, district and circuit court — and we are ready, willing and able to defend you, whatever the charges.

Some of the criminal matters our attorneys handle include:

  • Drunk driving and DUI defense
  • Drug possession and drug trafficking charges
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Other drug charges including, marijuana cultivation and prescription drug abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • Property crimes

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