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Estate Planning

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Some people hear the words “estate planning” and assume that an estate plan is only useful if you have a large estate. This is not the case. Estate planning is important to do even if you dont have a large estate. Without it, your loved ones might be faced with the task of sorting through your belongings and property on their own.

What is an Estate Plan?

An estate plan is a plan for a family’s assets in the event of a tragic loss. They are used to help determine everything from property distribution to the care of minors and can help lessen the uncertainty and fear that comes after the unthinkable occurs. This includes setting up things like a power of attorney, a healthcare directive, and a trust. Estate plans are especially useful for families that deal with disabilities or have minor children, however they are important for almost every estate out there.

On a more practical level, an estate plan is something that is used to help ease the burden your loved ones might be facing. Including a healthcare directive in the estate plan ensures your wishes regarding care are known should you suddenly be unable to make decisions on your own. That means that your loved ones won’t have to guess whether or not they’re doing what you would want – they’ll have a document that guides their actions.

Are estate plans difficult to set up?

If you’re worried about the process of creating an estate plan, don’t be. With the help of an experienced attorney, the experience is a quick and painless one. With just a bit of your time, you can have a plan in place that helps support and direct your loved ones even when you are unable to do so yourself.

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