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The state of Alabama recognizes a parent’s primary responsibility to provide for children and nurture them into a successful adult life. But, when parents cannot meet this responsibility, the Juvenile Court will respond to this situation and intervene to protect the child from abuse and overall misguidance.

At Key, Greer, Harrison, & Casey, in Pelham, Alabama, we represent individuals in family law matters involving juveniles, including those handled by the Juvenile Court. Our attorneys are experienced in a wide range of issues from paternity to juvenile dependency issues. Please contact our Birmingham juvenile and family court attorneys to learn how we can be of service to you.

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Much of the work with juvenile issues begins in the family law courts pertaining to divorce and separation. We look out for the best interests of the child in paternity, child custody, child support and other related issues. Our work turns more serious when dealing with accusations of domestic violence or juvenile crimes. As skilled lawyers with extensive experience in a variety of legal areas, we are able to look at these issues from all angles to more effectively identify solutions and obtain favorable outcomes for our clients.

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If the parents of a child are deemed unfit, the Juvenile Court may intervene and appoint a temporary guardian. You can trust that our attorneys will handle these dependency issues with the care and compassion they deserve. We understand the difficulty of the situation for the parents, children and their caregivers, and we strive to make the process as smooth as possible.

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If you are seeking the assistance of an attorney who can represent you in a juvenile and family court issue, please contact the law firm of Key, Greer, Harrison, & Casey for additional information. We are committed to protecting the best interests of the child, and your best interests, too.

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