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Birmingham Will Preparation Attorney

One of the best things you can do for your family is take the time to prepare a will. This document is legally binding and works to ensure that your wishes are upheld even after you pass. That includes protecting your property and making sure that it is divided the way that you want it to be divided. In fact, there are many ways that a will can help your family.

How can a will help?

The concept of a will is fairly common; however many people still don’t fully understand the document’s purpose. In short, it’s a legal document that can be completed in order to detail exactly how you’d like your belongings and assets to be divided amongst your loved ones. Your will can also be used to tell the courts who you’d like to care for any minor children left behind as well as to name an individual to execute, or carry out, your will.

Do I need a will?

If you’d like to be able to determine who receives your belongings and assets, then you need a will in the state of Alabama. This is true even if you’re more concerned about leaving your belongings to certain charities than anything else. If you die in Alabama and do not have a will in place, your property will be subject to intestacy laws. This means that it will be divided among your relatives. This list begins with your spouse and child, if applicable, but can continue to encompass your distant relatives

If no one is available to receive your property under intestacy law, then the state will take possession of it. This means that everything will essentially be left to the state, and they will do whatever they want with it. To avoid this outcome, reach out to an experienced attorney for guidance.

At Key, Greer, Harrison, & Casey, we are proud to offer our clients comprehensive will services. If you’d like to complete your last will and testament and make sure that your belongings are distributed as you see fit, call us today at 205-987-2211. Wills are easy and affordable to obtain, and we can help.

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